5 Golden SEO Secrets You Should Learn And Apply in 2019

5 Golden SEO Secrets You Should Learn And Apply in 2019; One of the most important factors in the development of your site or blog is the exclusive content of your unique articles, which will help search engines to archive your topics, including the search engine Google, and this will increase the number of visitors and thus get a high traffic which will ensure you to appear on the first page In the search results, but there are many SEO 2019 secrets that are different from what is mentioned above.

SEO 2019

If applied will get better results and better and higher rankings, so I would like to review you in this Parallel Profits Website post the best 5 secrets of SEO 2019:

1 – Target the strongest keywords

If your blog is profitable, I advise you to consider what is well written. Google Adsense is not known to pay the price of a foreign visitor like an USA visitor, nor do you think that if a foreign visitor clicks on an ad you will earn $1 or $2 on the click unless you are targeted. For the keywords, because it varies in price and competition and even the number of monthly searches for this word, because there are some keywords that compete with them very difficult – and we mean that the top sites are those who acquire it – and find the price of one click with this word up Up to $ 90 or over $100 and you also find more than that much as we find a hill Also, try targeting a country or group of countries with a specific audience with unique content as well as keywords that are searched for at large monthly rates, a good price ($5 for example) and at least a daily update of your content.

SEO 2019

SEO 2019

Is through the Google service, which is called Keyword Planner, all you have to do is register an account in Google AdWords then enter this link and start searching for keywords and will show you all the information we mentioned.

As you can see in the pictures, the word “Download Search” is a rate of 246,000 per month and low competition at $2 per click and this is good, and the targeting of keywords on the ways to include within your posts, but only a few, in addition to some addresses.

2. Post your photos in the Google search engine for images

If you put lessons and explanations in your blog it is best to attach illustrations to your topics and at least a picture of each subject and this guarantees you visitors from the search engine Google, but following the way we explained earlier – how to improve the appearance of your blog images in the Google Image Engine

3 – Make your complaints between your posts

As we explained before, Facebook is the set of links that lead to your site or blog, so before you create your own domain in other sites, try making a link between your topics. For example, you are talking about a topic about profit from the Internet and you have already developed similar topics. For example, a visitor came to you and entered your topic. This is counted as one visit, and then if you enter 3 links listed in this post you will receive 3 more visits from the same visitor and in a way So easy to have a total of 4 visits and suppose that k For a topic where the visitor enters again with two links, this increases the total visits to 6 visitors, Imagine if you get 100 visitors and each visitor in the same process you will get 600 surfing. And the most thing that makes the visitor to travel and tour between your topics is the unique content because if he entered your site will not know that there is a topic talking about such or such only if the links are included between the posts and also another factor is the specialization in one area and write on it.

4 – Your site contains many links that do not work

If your site has links that do not work, I advise you to use Google Webmaster Tools, which will help you find these links because it hinders search engine robots in archiving.

5. Index your own Content in Google

There is a way we were introduced by the title of Episode 34: Plugger 4: Post your topics on the search engine such as Google and it helps to increase archiving your content in the search engine Google instead of waiting a lot and the loss of your post is important because the visitor who comes from Google is a treasure and better than 10 Others came from Facebook and others, because those who are the source of search engines indicate the importance of your Parallel Profits Review Website and its content.

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5 Golden SEO Secrets You Should Learn And Apply in 2019
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