Albanian Vacations and Rental Homes


Premium travel llc (.al forign company) was formed as joint-venture partnership that brought a new approach to the market with first class accommodations for travelers, rated the number one public travel booking services in the Albanian market. The company managed over 20 properties from private owners & investors.

ALBEN B. XHIDIJA, held fifty percent of premium travel s.k in 2019 when it was incorporated & founded AX Capital Group, LLC 2007 the office building was located at 82 Wall Street in New York. In 2019 (pre-covid) Alben & some other associates did business with gazprom directly in the energy sector right before the announcement  of covid. The other fifty percent partner premium travel s.k bussiness worked for the government previously as Director of ministery of finance – (the equivalent treasury director) for .GOV county his responsibly was to oversee all public banks and all financial institutions in that county. He also serves for nato in europe currently.

About Us

In 2020 Alben been working creating new service that generates income from foreign energy sector from contract  futures trades as well as currency swap services for money exchange now all incorporated in the .ru .china & .eu marketplace for hedge funds, and smart individual invester.

Premium travel shpk had opening about a year before the pandemic, now the company has been restructured.



Please write us on whatsapp on the above with your contact if your intrested in earning high rate of return compounded daily in some cases with our investment tool soon to be released.

We also have access to direct foreign  investments mainly state goverment owned utility contracts including oil & gas and hydroelectric powerplants in eastern europe.

Our account

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.A.

Sarnova SHPK

IBAN AL42208110080000029067235301



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