Expected Trends Of Social Media In 2019

The means of communication are developed quickly and specifically according to the needs and desires of the users and according to the objectives of these means, and with every change we need to see the trends of these means every year, what we have to write this article in Parallel Profits Website about the trends of 2019 expected means of social communication .

More than 90% of large and emerging companies now have a presence on social media. According to Parallel Profits study, 46% of clients use social networking sites to connect with businesses (questions, inquiries, complaints, etc.). As a result, On its pages in social networks has become an urgent necessity.

We have seen many trends in 2019 for the social media, which experts expect social networking sites to have a big and influential in dealing with these means, and we put you 6 directions you can take and work according to them.

Social Media

Social Media

Trends in 2019 for expected social media
1. Increase interaction and participation through communication in organizations and companies
Due to the nature of the social media, which depends on social participation and interaction, organizations must do so in a way that does not conflict with their specific personality on social networking sites. The interaction rate (queries, comments, participation in community events, awareness raising, etc.) is expected to increase. To promote the organization and its services only.

2. Use the interactive chat robot Chat Bot
Chat Chat is an application that works on chat platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, etc., which is used to answer the frequently asked (often repeated) user queries that are already anticipated by the organization.

For example, when the beneficiary is asked: What are your working hours? The robot answers it directly through answers that have already been processed and foreseen, rather than waiting for a customer service employee.

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There are other uses of chat robots to build single-use situations and scenarios, such as “Welcome, How can I help?” And according to the answer, the robot moves to another phase that fits the liquid and provides the most appropriate information.

The user can ask “How can I volunteer with you?” The chat robot gives him volunteer information and options, or asks the user, “I want to donate, how?” Here he gives him the methods and options for donating and projects available, or “What services does your organization offer? ?” And so on.

3. Organizations should rely more on social listening tools
“Listen more than you speak.”

Many organizations seem to be raising their motto this year. While thousands of publications are published daily, it is important for the organization to be interested in how not to quantify, to know what attracts the attention of your target group, and what it does on networks What are their thoughts, and what are their concerns about?

Organizations need to listen to their recipients more so that they can provide them with relevant content that keeps them on social networks.

This can be learned through listening tools and public interest analysis.

4. Use stories to get more involved
The use of Instagram stories has been a great success for many advertisers in 2017, and this year it is expected to increase its use and activate it further. The organizations can interact more with the public as this feature allows voting and live broadcasting.

5. Greater use of visual content
There is no doubt that visual content is more popular than readable content, and is more important if the platforms on which organizations are based depend primarily on it, such as SnapChat and Instagram.

6. Publishing with caution to ensure that no position is taken against the company
Businesses are expected to become more cautious in 2019 and be more watchful of what they put in their accounts so that customers do not take a costly position. Nonprofits should also be cautious before publishing anything on the social media. Which you offer many times, provided that does not limit its creativity.

Do you have a conception of the 2019 trends of the social media you intend to work on? Tell us

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Expected Trends Of Social Media In 2019
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