The Secrets of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing 2019

The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How to Trigger Exponential Sales Through Runaway Word of Mouth
American writer George Silverman, in 2001, in 272 pages, and issued a second edition in 2011.

George spent much of his life creating marketing operations based on the words of customers who were grateful for their service or product.

Using his own Internet Marketing secrets, George – with simple resources – managed to beat others who had a lot of marketing resources.

Despite the simplicity and ease of this method of marketing, it does not receive proper attention to it, and for this reason George A. wrote this.

This book is good for everyone: beginners and professionals. While traditional marketing methods can make curiosity into potential customers, people wonder whether the product actually does what it claims. This is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.

If the general trend of these conversations in favor of the product, has made fabulous sales, if not, this product will cost a lot before any success.

The Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Marketing by word Of Mouth and advice must be honest, from trustworthy honest honest people, to its impact, otherwise people will know that it is another attempt to set them up, which may turn on you strongly, and even destroy the future of the Parallel Profits company / product.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What is our target marketers?

Quite simply, through the use of many means, the marketing department tries to convince a large number of people, by purchasing the product / service, in large quantities, with a big profit margin.

What are our ways to increase sales?

Increase the number of buyers, increase the profit margin achieved by each sale, increase the number of times customers buy products / services.

But the most effective is to increase the speed of buying decision of buyers.

Word Of Mouth Marketing Example

The company has a pricey product, 30 times more than the price of competitors, but a product with few failures, the buyer gets intensive training to understand how to exploit the product to the maximum degree.

Because of the high price, workers have suffered from justifying how to pay this large amount of money to buy such a product.

To reduce the time required to make a purchase decision, the company agreed with other users satisfied with the product, and made them agree to publish feasibility studies from the reality of their companies, and how this product succeeded in increasing returns and reduce the time of disruption and stop production.

The manufacturer even provided documents and presentations that employees can use in their companies to make their superiors agree to buy the product.

The result? There has been a significant increase in sales.

You are required to help customers make a buying decision and to reduce the time required for them to make this decision, by thinking about such means as sellers, conferences, advertising, promotion and publicity.

When all the information that customers want is available, you help them make the decision easily, and then quickly.

Have you ever asked yourself why you find a product that sells itself?
He had sold himself already because he made the purchase decision so easy.

The time to make a purchase decision is very short.

The marketer is able to do the same, by providing all the necessary information to the customer, which helps him to speed decision-making, purchase decision.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word Of Mouth Marketing is the most powerful marketing, the most persuasive and influential, and above all, it costs you nothing.

Just as you are sure that the sun does not shine at night, marketing does not stop at the limits of advertising, selling and promoting. Marketing is about creating a state of mind for a potential customer, and the reputation of the product / service creates this situation.

The advantage of words is that they do not know where they stand, and they do not know how long they disappear, but they also take time to start their activities.

Studies have shown that the individual customer will, on average, tell three people about the product / service he is satisfied with, while he / she will tell 11 people about a service / product he is dissatisfied with.

In order to create acceptance and support for your product / service to your customers, you must clearly demonstrate the benefits, prospects, promises and promises of the product, and all the necessary information must be available, impartially and reliably, with fair comparisons that demonstrate the advantages of your product.

You should also provide free opportunities to experience what you sell, and be easy and simple. (We have already talked about this in the free sample marketing)

The best way to spread your company name is by publishing and broadcasting real positive stories, such as Parallel Profits Review Websites, which is famous for hiring a helicopter to deliver a forgotten parcel. People love such heroic stories with a happy ending.

Steps to design a marketing campaign based on words of praise and praise (or marketing with praise)
1. Look for a way to put your products / services in the hands of influential people
2. Provide appropriate channels for these influencers to speak passionately about your product / service
3. Collect user testimonials, thank-you letters and testimonials
4 – The most fun occasions where users and non-users of what you sell (famous Harley Davidson bikes and luxury Lexus cars hold such concerts)
5. Take videos and audio recordings of users satisfied with your product / service, and make it available on your website and through promotional CDs posted among potential customers
6. Conduct training courses and consultation and dialogue sessions
7 – Start a club where people gather and give them benefits to participate
8. Do something extraordinary and unexpected to make people talk about you, and from it create propaganda praise
9. Suggest users the words they can use when complimenting your product / service

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