All About Valve Actuators

You can very easily and quickly browse up to nearly 400 distinctive ones for your (or someone you know) upcoming project in the shop.

Valve Actuators

Valve actuators work mostly in all industries out there. They are present there so that they can open and close the valve in the framework. Opening and closing valves, as you might be aware and as it works in the human heart, manages the progression of gases, liquids, and other things that come up in managing a machinery system.

Generally, valve actuators at are at the core of ensuring the whole framework works. To guarantee the best valve actuators, the suppliers and workers work and ensure that every product is made with quality. They collaborate with makers like Siemens and Belimo.

Where Do They Come In?

Valve actuators are normal in modern areas like:

  • Plants where wastewater is treated
  • Treatment facilities
  • Production lines
  • Pipelines
  • Mines
  • Power plants

Most mechanical areas or factories require machines to operate utilize robotized handling to guarantee smooth tasks in the long haul. The valve actuator aids this automatization and robotization cycle. The valve actuator at can computerize the cycle either with pneumatic weight or hardware. It can function based on what you and the place the valve actuator is placed needs.

Most of the actuators utilize computerized Closed and Open settings to guarantee things move the right way, and there is no hindrance to the functioning of the machinery. The computerized frameworks security capacities perform two distinct capacities:

  • Decide if the line/pipe endured any harm
  • Look at how the line/pipe handles the progression of liquids


At Blackhawk supply, you can find two unique kinds of valve actuators: pneumatic and electric. As the name recommends, the electric or latter valve actuator utilizes an electric engine to work the valves proficiently.

On the other hand, the pneumatic or the prior valve actuators use gaseous tension to develop the lines. At, you will find twelve distinctive pneumatic valve actuators as are suitable for your particular necessities.

Likewise, numerous valve actuators utilize non-return and normal springs. The majority of the Belimo items available on Blackhawk are electronically operating valve actuators.

Sum up

If you have any questions about which valve actuator you can use for your next project, you can talk to Blackhawk supplies’ 24-hour customer service that is always there to answer whatever question you might have. At, you can easily find any valve actuator for any use possible.