Best Corporate Gift Ideas in Australia for 2022

Corporate gifts have been around for decades, and their formula is to promote positive branding and strengthen business relations with other individuals. It’s either given to company staff or clientele that are visiting one of the company’s locations.

These gifts can be also used as promotional items and given away to other people to boost your sales or client conversion. In this article, however, we will only focus on the corporate ones and those that will be important in 2022.


The classic clothing that every person loves to get for free. Custom t-shirts will forever enter the trend every year. We put this in our top spot because of how effective it is and how useful it can be to people.

Your staff and client can also wear these t-shirts to advertise your brand for free!


Pens have become a staple to several companies when thinking of tokens and gifts to other people. It’s very simple and useful at the same time and producing it doesn’t require that much time and funds.

Personalized pens are even better because they can be modified to have your brand, just like shirts which adds to another layer of advertisement that you can take advantage of.

Succulents and Other Plants

When it comes to corporate gifts, it’s very often that we see companies giving out plants and similar products to their clients. It may be a bit expensive to produce, but it’s an effective gift to have if you’re thinking of gaining the trust of other people.

Succulents are also very healthy for the environment, and they’re also top-tier indoor decorations. People who have received this gift would think of your company a bit more positively, and in turn, will help your brand gain a strong footing.


Another set of corporate gifts that will still be important in 2022 is calendars and itineraries. Most adults want to stay organized at all times but most of them don’t have the time to get the tools that would aid them with their goal.

Giving out calendars and other products for an organization can help with this problem and also double again as an advertising tactic.

Customized calendars are very effective because logos and brand trademarks can be easily presented without any difficulties, and what’s even better is that there’s a lot of room for these designs.

Using gifts as a token of appreciation for your staff or clients is never a bad move. Sure, it might hurt you financially for some time, but the effects that it can generate are something that no amount of money can afford.