Choosing the Right Incentive for a Company

Incentives- the term is enough to boost someone up. Incentives are something that we all use to get things done. While children are given items like chocolates and pencils, officegoers are offered different kinds of benefits in the name of incentives. While sometimes these are a token of appreciation, sometimes it is a form of boosting energy and productivity. Though there are different types of items that can be offered as incentives, choosing the right one is necessary.

Different types of incentives

Incentivizing your employees means rewarding their efforts and loyalty while increasing your branding. Merchandise and custom travel options are some of the most used incentive options. Another option is monetary benefits. Cash benefits have been used for years by the companies. But with time, the options of incentives have widened. It is true that the mentioned options have their own sets of advantages. But there is something more to offer. One of the most appreciated and attractive incentive options is custom or personalize debit cards. It is a way of showing your care for your employees.


While one might argue that a cash bonus will be spent the same way, there is more to it. A check or cash bonus won’t show the name of your brand for sure. But a custom debit card will do that. a check or cash bonus is like a one-time thing. It is used or deposited once and it is done for all. Today the option of digital payment is everywhere. A debit card comes handy at most places. They can use the card at food courts, shopping malls, for travel purposes, and also for daily expenses. The cards are even used for a long time. The branded card will be a moving advertisement of your company whenever the employee uses it.