How Tej Kohli Is Bettering Lives with Technological Innovation?

The Tej Kohli Foundation has grown into a renowned interdisciplinary centre and power for cooperation in the global mission to eliminate corneal blindness. But he is not limiting his work to improving eyesight and curing blindness only. Instead, Tej Kohli believes in using innovative technology to better people’s lives. His commitment to using emerging technology is easy to trace with the works done by the Tej Kohli Foundation. For example, the organisation began its “Future Bionics” initiative in 2019, giving youths in the British Isles the nation’s first medically authorised ‘bionic’ arms.

Jacob, a 10-year-old kid from London, was the initial receiver of a fully financed prosthetic limb. Amniotic band disease caused him to be born with a missing left hand. Tech Entrepreneur Tej Kohli gave Jacob his prosthetic arm, which was 3D-printed, for Christmas.

Other Technology Used By Tej Kholi For Bettering Lives

Applied Science

Billionaire investor Tej Kolhi’s continuous appeals for technology to create “new and unique solutions” support the ambition to use innovative technologies to reconstruct people’s lives. For example, Tej Kohli donated $2 million to Harvard Medical in 2019 to support new advanced technology to treat corneal blindness.

Researchers behind the initiative say they’re trying to develop nano-string technology for quick diagnosis of corneal disease and a ‘GelCORE’ solution to eliminate the invasive surgical procedure for curing blindness and corneal damage, according to the Tej Kohli‚Äôs articles.

The Tej Kohli Foundation also recently launched an incubator in the U.K. in Feb 2020 to support technical and scientific endeavours with a solid objective of eliminating corneal blindness. In addition, technologist Tej Kohli in April 2020, provided endowments to various science projects based in England.

Part of the Applied Research initiative of the TK Foundation revealed in January 2020 that it had taken another step toward leveraging its patented regeneration technology. This technology will help link the space concerning the high expense of corneal blindness treatment and the inaccessible medical services in underprivileged areas.

Technology Transfer

Tej Kolhi is a believer in technology, and his foundation has become a significant conduit for creating and delivering new and unique expertise in bettering lives. Part of the process includes the aim to employ discoveries to rebuild humankind.

The Tej Kohli Foundation is bringing attention to lesser-known public health deficiencies in poor and underserved communities. Funding the discovery and development of modern scientific solutions to the discourse is the first step in transferring technology. The second part plays a dynamic role in distributing these solutions to people.

It funded independent filmmakers to make ‘Father Will I See Again?’ in 2019, a documentary on XP sufferers known as “India’s Forgotten Children.” Kohli also assisted in bringing their predicament to the forefront of the international community via a significant media partnership in an attempt to find remedies.


The notion of investing in ‘robotics five senses’ initially piqued Kohli’s interest since it aligns with his charitable goal of curing impaired vision. Intelligent amplification, exoskeletons, and surgical robotics are just a few examples of how robotic innovations are uniquely controlled to improve the condition of life.

Exoskeletons are being invented to help workforces with physically demanding and heavy lifting work.

The Billionaire With Heart & Passion

Tech Entrepreneur Tej Kohli pledged to donate a share of any earnings generated by his AI and robotics ventures, along with his portfolio of Zibel Real Estate, for fundamental and crucial human needs. The Tej Kohli Foundation recently donated $2 million to ‘Massachusetts Eye & Ear,’ a training hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School in the United States.

Before that, the Tej Kohli Foundation initially financed corneal transplants for the donor at India’s Nirmaya Hospital in 2010. Then, Kohli had an epiphany, and he decided that preventing unnecessary corneal impairment would be his mission. Tej Kolhi was paying for so many corneal surgeries by 2015 that a larger facility was required, so the foundation formed a relationship with Hyderabad’s LV Prasad Eye Institute.

Fundamental human issues and complex technological obstacles have more in common than people think. In Tej Kohli’s opinion, cutting-edge research, specialized laboratories, and funding will solve obstinate human issues. For example, data and computer science are significant in improving food systems and fixing the problem of climate change.

Amplification of Artificial intelligence will create new options for reducing suffering and enhancing people’s life quality, globally.