How to Choose the Best Oberlo Alternatives

Although the global dropshipping industry is presently brimming with aspiring entrepreneurs, there’s still plenty of room for people who dream of their own dropshipping business with minimal funds. Stagnation, however, is a cause of concern for many in the industry. Overdependence on a fixed number of suppliers can often be lethal for dropshippers. The same applies to dropshipping platforms such as Oberlo. The platform offers many features that make the dropshipping process very simple. However, should dropshippers depend on only one platform to carry out their tedious tasks? You need access to other platforms that can carry out the same tasks, such as order fulfillment, updating prices or inventory statuses, etc. Oberlo may be as good as it gets, but there are some decent alternatives on the market. Here’s how to choose the best from all the Oberlo alternatives 

Ratings Still Matter

Dropshippers tend to be very supportive of the dropshipping platforms that help them conduct their business and equally unkind to platforms that waste their time. This behavior leads to numerous customer reviews and ratings of platforms similar to Oberlo. So, you can trust the app ratings that honest dropshippers give to certain dropshipping apps. Choose the automated dropshipping app with the best ratings. To understand why the dropshipping app is highly-rated, read reviews and product specifications.

Monetary Benefits

Is your dropshipping app helping you boost your profit margin? Typically, platforms that offer special discounts for merchants help dropshippers vastly increase their profits. There are other non-monetary benefits that only certain platforms offer. For instance, some dropshipping platforms add branding to all sales receipts and bills. Although this doesn’t directly improve your profit margins, it does affect your brand image. Which dropshipper doesn’t want to create a positive impression on his or her seller by giving them customized receipts?

Option to Purchase Sample Products

In the past, dropshippers had to order products from suppliers twice – once as a customer and once as a dropshipper. Doing so ensured the quality of the products and the quality of the delivery service. However, busy dropshippers who oversee numerous hourly transactions have no time to order sample products twice. Hence, platforms that allow dropshippers to order sample products specifically are better than the ones that don’t. Consider these details call center monitoring software while selecting your ideal alternative to Oberlo. Start dropshipping on one platform, but always be mindful of the features that competing platforms are offering!