Learn More about Bitcoin and What Mark Cuban Thinks About This Cryptocurrency

When Bitcoin came along it joined other cryptocurrencies quickly becoming the one most favored by users of this type of currency. It quickly gained a good reputation that sent the value of one Bitcoin skyward shooting to the top.


The recognition of digital money such as Bitcoin is not sufficient enough to gain over some skeptics with one being Mark Cuban who is a billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. It is not any information that causes Cuban to be a skeptic; Cuban is just not a fan of Bitcoin and has not stopped voicing his displeasure in totally different cases. Cuban has been quoted as saying he would take bananas rather than put money into Bitcoin.

Mainstream adoption

Adoption of Bitcoin that is mainstream has been rather sluggish, in spite of the fact that Bitcoin did have a bull run in 2017 that had a lot of Bitcoin customers believing that this was the forerunner of accelerated mainstream use of Bitcoin as well as different cryptocurrency and alternative options to fiat foreign money. Since that time, Bitcoin has largely been adopted by:

  • Gambling websites
  • Sites for online poker

This has happened over the past five to seven years. Cuban has been identified as a participant in poker and might see the utility of Bitcoin in that business.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized meaning there is no central bank or single administrator overseeing rather it is sent from user to user by a peer-to-peer Bitcoin grid needing no intercessors. You can read more about Bitcoin on the internet and for more about how Mark Cuban feels you can go to http://bitcoininvest.cc/crypto-critic-and-billionaire-mark-cuban-may-buy-bitcoin/. Many people are buying a share of the Bitcoin market for investment like you would buy a share of any other business or article of trade.