NFC vs. QR Codes: Everything You Need to Know

Will NFC take over the QR Codes in the near future?

The discussion on whether Near Field Communication (NFC) will replace Quick Response (QR) codes is gaining traction in recent years. While QR codes has been widely used for decades, NFC is steadily growing in some industries, especially for the purpose of sharing information.

That’s why for this article, we’re going to take a bit deeper on what to expect when using NFC vs QR codes, their effects on modern business transactions, and if NFC can eventually make QR codes obsolete.

Near-field Communication

NFC is a wireless communication technology developed from the familiar RFID (radio frequency identification). It is primarily used for sharing information via short-range transmission, which why it is named as “near-field.”

NFC is becoming more popular in the payment industry because it allows for contactless payments with just a tap of a device. Some digital business cards are also made with NFC tech, for more sophisticated information sharing among businesses and clients.

As a relatively younger technology than the QR codes, NFC is compatible with more advanced devices and may require a stable to strong internet connection to work.

Quick Response Codes

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that a smartphone camera can scan to access information or make payments. Unlike NFC, QR codes are compatible with almost all smartphones and can be used offline.

Despite the popularity of QR codes, not all devices are equipped with a QR scanner, and users might find it inconvenient to download a third-party app.

Will NFC replace QR codes?

As for the biggest question, the answer so far, is only time will tell.

Since NFC has some clear advantages over QR codes, the former will likely replace the latter in some industries.

NFC requires a specific device and infrastructure, which can be costly to implement on a large scale. On the other hand, QR codes are traditionally known by many businesses, and it developed to a point where they can be easily generated and printed for everyone.

Additionally, QR codes are already a staple in industries such as marketing and advertising. As of now, it would be difficult for many businesses, especially those with limited knowledge about NFC to stop using QR codes permanently.

More on NFC Vs. QR Codes Rivalry

If you want to learn more about these two amazing technologies, check out the infographic below from NFC Tagify:

QR Codes Versus NFC Tags