What Qualities Strata Management Services Must Have?

The ideal management business will provide top-notch service while raising the value of their properties, increasing resident lifestyles, maximizing their budget, and lowering strata risk. The wrong business might not be able to meet community expectations for service or have connections to a network of suppliers that can give them the best value for their money. It is crucial to gather the correct information before making this crucial decision since as strata council members, they have a responsibility to maintain, safeguard, and improve their community.

Consider the best qualities a strata management service provider should have:

Depth of resources:

Find out who will be assisting their strata manager when interviewing possible property management companies. Each strata manager should receive help from a knowledgeable team of specialists in a variety of sectors, including human resources, building warranties, technology, maintenance, and accounting, to provide the best service for their property.

Financial openness:

Seek out a home management firm that has a certified accountant-led internal financial management team. To support the financial stability and health of their strata corporation, the finest management businesses will adhere to stringent internal review and accounting procedures.

The finest property management business should have tried-and-true operational processes that have been built through years of experience. Make sure the business follows standardized procedures in each neighborhood or structure they service. In addition to solutions that improve the property’s value and occupants’ quality of life, these operating procedures should include preventative maintenance programs.

One of the property management problems that people complain about the most is poor communication. Choose businesses that have a call center open around the clock and have technology that enables customers to obtain answers to their questions when they need them.


The ideal residential management firm will assign them a strata manager who is aware of how important even the smallest details may be. The distinction between mediocre and exceptional service can be made by paying close attention to little details.


Different problems may arise in a community. The greatest managers are capable of handling both major and minor problems, such as issues with the front gates, weather emergencies, internal water leaks, and everything in between.