A Payment Solution for People with Various Transactional Needs

Are you the kind of person who makes business or personal payments on a daily basis, both online and in-store? If yes, then the Satchel payment solution will definitely come in handy. Satchel is an electronic money institution that offers simple and convenient payment tools for different needs, among which:

● Personal account

A personal account opened remotely is a one-step solution for simple money management. It is a perfect alternative to your local bank thanks to quick, convenient, and secure transactions. The account also provides an option to order a Mastercard card, physical or virtual (or both), for ATM withdrawals and daily payments with no hidden fees.

Learn how to become a payment processor and enter the financial industry. Acquire relevant certifications in finance and technology. Gain experience in handling transactions, fraud prevention, and customer support. Develop strong communication and problem-solving skills. Stay updated with payment trends and regulations. Network with industry professionals for opportunities.

● Freelancer account

Satchel offers a dedicated account for freelancers. To open one, you only need to submit an online application with two basic documents attached. Once your account is active, you will also be able to order both virtual and physical Mastercard cards, tailored to your needs. A freelancer account comes with a personalized pricing plan and transparent transaction fees. There will be no hidden charges.

● Merchant account

A merchant account with Satchel will help you manage transactions with ease from a single touchpoint. Scale your eCommerce and unlock new opportunities with a simple and comprehensive solution, packed with useful features.

● Business account

Satchel is your partner in growing your business. The benefits of a Satchel business account include the ability to transact in 38 currencies via SEPA and SWIFT. It also comes with personalized customer support and payment cards to cover all business expenses.