Biticodes: The new autotrading tool to boost your trading performances

If you are into online trading, auto trading software might not be an unknown way to make profits. Automated trading tools have been on the market for a long time and are used by experienced and rooky traders. As online trading becomes increasingly popular, new trading tools are growing like mushrooms. 

However, the thing is to go for the most effective and reliable one. There are the mainstream tools such as MetaTrader 4 and 5 and their many peers. However, you shouldn’t neglect some of the most recent ones, such as Biticodes, which already beats the records regarding the number of users and trading accuracy rate. Let’s see its main features. 

Great customer support

The support is extremely professional and available all around the clock. You can contact the support via the contact form on the website, and then members of the support team will reach you with no delay. You can find their phone contact and much more in BitiCodes review.


According to statistics, the accuracy rate of Biticodes is approximately 93{9f22a6c9ed12e16e5983216e35523626546e516042fd2ddc7e378f3fecf7b312} which is an amazing score. It’s not surprising since this tool is developed considering all the downsides and perks of other auto trading tools on the market.


It is suitable for rookies and seasoned traders. This is a great tool for starting your trading adventure if you are a beginner. Its user-friendly platform and easy-to-use features will make your first steps on the market as pleasant as possible. 

What assets can you trade?

Biticodes is focused on the cryptocurrency market. Therefore you can choose to trade some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and many more. We suggest starting with the most popular ones and then try your luck with other altcoins. Also, start with a small investment until you gain confidence and feel how the market works. 

No fees

Finally, the perk that we wanna outline about Biticodes is that there are no fees for deposits, withdrawals, or account opening. However, we don’t know how long this policy will be applicable, so there are additional reasons to hurry up and try out this software. 

Why using BitiCodes auto trading bot

Financial markets are unpredictable. And it is especially true for the cryptocurrency market, which is one of the most volatile besides the Frex. This volatility is the opportunity for making profits. 

Volatility is affected by many factors. Human traders have at their disposal tech and fundamental analysis to make market movement predictions and react accordingly. However, no human trader can make such an accurate analysis of the market and implement it in trades as the trading bot can do. 

It spares you time and energy. No need to sit in front of a trading screen for hours. Just set the parameters in the system, and the bot will find the best opportunities and execute the orders.

So even if you have never tried trading bots, we hope this article intrigued you to try one. And why not start with the Biticodes since it’s really appreciated by its users so far and shows the best results among its rivals on the market?