Professional Financial Translation Services For All Of Your Needs

Where can I get my financial documents translated?

NLC Translations has an experienced team of translators who are accustomed to translating several different types of financial documents in over 100 languages. Through our expert linguists, we provide financial translation services for Bank Statements, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Tax Reports, Financial Statements, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Audit Reports, Investment Reports, Loan Documents, and financial documents related for certain visas such as Eb-5.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of financial translations?

Yes, we are experts at translating this specific subject-matter. Your documents are translated, edited, and proofread. Once completed, your translations are delivered to you via email with our certification letter. This letter has our certification statement attesting to the accuracy of the translations we provided. If original copies need to be mailed, we are able to do so for an additional charge. Throughout the process, we welcome any feedback you may have. If any changes are requested, we will review this feedback and make any changes that are valid. Changes we feel do not reflect an accurate translation, we will provide our feedback and suggestions for alternative phrases if needed.

Do you handle currency conversion in your translations?

Our standard process is to leave the currency as-is with changing commas into decimals to reflect the U.S. format in terms of appearance. We offer currency conversion as well and can do so based on the information given from a specific date requested. If no date is provided, we use present exchange rates. If currency conversion is completed on your documents, this will go on our certification letter as well.

Do you charge for numbers in your translations?

The majority of the documents we receive are in a scanned format. As we are handling the formatting and at times changing the appearance to U.S. format, we do charge for this. If we did not charge for this, we could not ensure an accurate and well-formatted translation is delivered. A line item should match the charge and our process ensures this is the case. For our corporate clients, we receive financial reports in excel. If we are not touching these numbers at all and only line item descriptions, titles, and other similar text, then we omit the charges for the numbers. Overall, we provide the best value at a competitive price and are confident in the accuracy of the translations we deliver.