The European Bitcoin

The European BITCOIN is coming on March 15, 2024.

It’s called Ezracoin, it’s Franco-Swiss, and it’s stirring the passions of cryptocurrency professionals. The Geneva-based startup Ezra is launching its cryptocurrency for pre-sale to the general public starting on 15/03/2024. A major step forward in asserting technological innovations in Europe against the American giant.

Investors worldwide are vying for Ezracoin

Communication regarding the launch of Ezracoin was distributed to private investors two weeks ago, and the project has already exceeded investment forecasts for the next two months. The reisevident enthusiasm for CEO Remi Zeitoun. Indeed, the presale offers the opportunity to acquire the European Bitcoin at a lower price before its official launch on the market.

A qualified and experienced team

Hailing from the LSEinLondon, the University of Geneva, Montreal, Harvard, and AixMarseille, the team behind Ezracoin is committed to excellence in innovation. The CEO of this ambitious project has already played a key role in the development of a successful Tech startup that raised several hundred thousand euros last year. After receiving accolades during his academic journey in Geneva and Montreal, he received training from prestigious Swiss in cubators such as Venturelab and ImpactHub before launching Ezracoin.

And France?

France is highlighted in this project as three of the founders are French. But their team is not limited to just France: it also comes from Switzerland and other countries. It is therefore a diverse and multicultural team, coming from different backgrounds and bringing a wealth of experiences and perspectives. This diversity is at the heart of their success, enhancing their ability to innovate and tackle challenges with creativity and resilience.

About d’Ezra

Ezraisa European initiative based in Geneva aiming to launch an ICO to finance its project. Specializing in crowdfunding innovation, the official website of the startup’s token will be available starting from10/03/2024 at The public presale phase of Ezracoin tokens will conclude two months after its commencement on 15/03/2024.

What’s the project behind this ICO?

The Ezra project represents an ambitious initiative aimed at reinventing the crowdfunding landscape. Their main goal is to create an innovative and sophisticated crowdfunding platform powered by an intelligent algorithm, to showcase the most relevant projects to investors.

In a world where investment opportunities abound but discovering promising projects can be tedious, Ezra emerges as a revolutionary solution. The platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze investors’ Interests and behaviors, presenting them with projects that align with their criteria and investment goals.

The objective of Ezra is twofold: on one hand, to facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to the necessary funding to realize their ideas; on the other hand, to provide investors with simplified access to a variety of quality projects while maximizing their chances of success and return on investment.

Why is their project unique?

Ezra stands out firstly due to its unique user interface similar to that of TikTok. But more importantly, it allows anyone to raise millions from scratch! No need to invest in their fundraising. If a project is relevant, the algorithm will highlight it based on the interactions it generates, and it can thus become popular. It operates on the same principle as the TikTok platform, except here we’re talking about fundraising.

The launch of Ezraco in marks the beginning of a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies, with a bold vision to democratize investment and catalyze innovation through crowdfunding.