Simple ways to save time and money by outsourcing services

As new competitors emerge every second, organizations should focus on exploiting all the tools and approaches at their disposal, and outsourcing stands out as one of the most effective methods of doing so today.

Business functions of any size may be managed, and business expenditures can be reduced by a great percentage.

Today, work involves so much. You can expect employees to juggle through work hours completing tasks and handling workplace maintenance needs all at the same time, they’ll burn out! If you want them to deliver decent work and still be able to maintain their sanity, still, outsourcing services of a London facilities management company is the solution.

So, now that you’ve realized you can’t do it on your own, can a facilities management services company do it? Will it save you money and your precious time?

This is only possible when you know what to do and this article explains exactly how this can be achieved.

  • Figure out when you’ll be able to outsource

One of the most common excuses used for not outsourcing is a lack of financial resources. While this is true, sometimes you have to part with some money to make even more money.

Outsourcing should be reserved for those who can afford it. However, if you are making your way up the corporate ladder, you need to think strategically about how to make money and when to outsource.

  • Outsource managed projects

Getting managed projects is one of the finest ways to save money while outsourcing. In this way, you’ll have a project manager, developers, and a comprehensive technology stack. All you have to do is outline the scope of the project, and they will complete it within the specified time frame. For example, a managed service model allows you to save time and money by not having to look for developers and teams according to man-hours or pay per hour for developers.

  • Consider linking your service lines

Inquiring about the company’s capabilities in other areas and connecting multiple service lines can save you money by eliminating the need to hire multiple organizations to complete the same activity.

  • Convince the service provider to cut costs on the next hire

As part of the deal, your outsourcing provider should agree to lower prices and fees in the future. To reduce service operating costs, the service provider should be able to engage with the client and/or other third parties.

In future, providers may be required by the customer to provide all viable options for reaching the necessary savings without negatively compromising business objectives or needs.

  • Look around for better deals

You may feel comfortable with the service provider you contacted for the first job and even in your eyes, their rates may appear to be the best

As much as all seems well, try looking through other service providers what are their rates? You may be surprised to find someone out there who may deliver similar services but at a much affordable rate, so look around for better deals.

  • Only pay for what you need

It’s tempting to want to go for the entire facilities management package brought to you by a service provider. However, if your goal is to save money, you may need to only pay for the essential services needed at the moment. A good illustration is if what your company needs right now is security, cleaning services, and IT assistance pay for that. As the company grows other areas may be included.

  • Get straight to the point

Your job description is the first step in making a great hire. It’s important to be clear about what you want to get the best deal, best talent, and save you time looking. No matter if you’re emailing a referral or posting a job on a job board, be as detailed as possible in your request. Having a good idea of what you’ll need gives your potential hire a good idea of how much to charge you.

  • Review before hiring

Your next step should be to thoroughly analyze their past work, whether you’ve been in contact with numerous persons or received several bids on a job board that sounds promising. You can do this if you’re using freelance designers or copywriters. Perhaps a bookkeeper or marketing coach might be a better fit. Indeed, they don’t have a portfolio, but they do have a network of contacts. See if they have a LinkedIn or Facebook page and ask if you may chat with prior clients. This will ensure you get a good hire but also save you time and money to rehire if it so happens you got a wrong one.

  • Ask questions

If you’re considering hiring someone, you should communicate with them directly. A face-to-face interview is great, but if that doesn’t happen, be sure to send them some questions by email instead. For you to gauge their experience, their process, and your desired results.

Ask about their typical working hours, the process, the count of current clients, and if they work on a retainer or a project basis.

To know this ahead of time is crucial. Many virtual assistants charge a monthly retainer upfront. Hire just if you know exactly how much work you’ll need before you start looking for contractors.


Saving time and money is possible if you know what to do. Finding the right contractors will even make it easier especially if they’re the understanding kind. Take your time by asking questions, reviewing, and sometimes really just get straight to the point. Rushing through the process may cause you to end up with someone unreliable, you may have to perform the work yourself, and negating any money and time-saving gains you might have reaped. A long-term connection with your contractors or agency is therefore the most efficient option to outsource.

Also, be open to their suggestions on how you can improve the relationship because here they may be willing to reduce rates.

Outsourcing is the new future, so if you can get the right people for the job without wasting time and money, your business will grow